Sightseeing in Los Angeles can feel overwhelming if you haven’t done your research. What are the best attractions LA has to offer? Will there be lines? How will I be able to fit every activity into my busy itinerary? For most tourists in Los Angeles, museums are a fun and captivating way to spend the day. Here is a list of five museums that are rare gems, museums that are unknown to most and will make for excellent stories back home and make your friends and family jealous.

Museum of Illusions

If diving into the experience appeals to you then look no further than the Museum of Illusion. Become a part of an artist’s canvas. Paint with the broadest strokes of your imagination. The Museum of Illusion delights, excites and dazzles the entire family.

Craft & Folk Art Museum

CAFAM was founded in 1965 and is situated in Los Angeles’ Museum Row. Its mission is to combine craft and art together. Exhibits are interactive and accessible. The fun you’ll have in collaborating with art and artists is unmatched in this museum.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

This museum is as individual as it sounds. With exhibits that range from a collage of artefacts from mobile homes in the Los Angeles area to an exhibit focused on the space dogs of Soviet Russia, this museum is as weird as it is delightfully unknown.

Pasadena Bunny Museum

It started as a couple’s kitschy gift exchange and has since morphed into a private museum containing nearly 30,000 bunny related trinkets. They even have live rabbits to pet.

Heritage Square Museum

California in the Victorian era is not widely depicted. In Heritage Square Museum history comes alive. Architecture from the period is explored and explained by costumed guides who are expertly informed. Not only is this museum a snapshot out of history, but it has been saving historically significant landmarks from the surrounding area, moving them, and restoring them to their original splendour.

Whether you are delighting your senses in the Museum of Illusions or being whisked away on a Victorian adventure, these museums are all as unique and as delightful as the city itself. Head off the trail and into new worlds.