With so many attractions and things to see, it’s hard to know what to do in LA. It’s tempting to spend all day out on the streets soaking in the sunshine-laced atmosphere, but if you’re looking for a location that carried the spirit of Southern California in through its doors, the Museum of Illusions is a must for any budding photographer or photography lovers.

Unique style with an LA feel

The big draw of museums in LA is their tendency to reflect the diverse, unique culture of the area – and the Museum of Illusions is no exception, making it the ideal location for Instagram photos, or even full-on photoshoots. Meshing perfectly with the quirky style of the city, the vibrant eye-bending 3D designs utilized throughout look at good on a feed as they do in person, and perfectly complement any number of looks and outfits.

Create impactful imagery

If you want to add a punch to your style, there’s nothing better than a unique, well-lit and interesting background to create dimensionality. At the Museum of Illusions, this dimensionality already exists thanks to our fascinating illusory designed you won’t want to look away from. Perfect for any modern aesthetic. Our artists can transport you to a completely different world with their designs, something that carries over well to a digital medium.

Do something different

Whether it’s engagement photos or a simple shoot, the Museum of Illusions has the backdrop to create whatever unique announcement you’d love to shout from the rooftops. Consider adding a VIP ticket onto your tab to access our designs first for your wedding photography, celebratory photos or as part of a birthday event or day. After all, you’ll certainly never forget that background – and your friends and family will love the unique and quirky style.

Whether you’re just visiting in passing, the Museum of Illusions sounds like your perfect destination or you’d even love to utilize our amazing designs for your special event, we love to see your amazing, creative and aesthetic photography – so get snapping. Book tickets for your next visit online today with VIP tickets available for exclusive access.