There are plenty of things to do in LA; the problem isn’t finding something to do but to narrow down the options for the best use of time. There are multiple genres of museums to visit, beaches, and landmarks to see. For anyone interested in museums, the best museums in LA are listed below.

Museum of Illusions

One of the top museums is the new 3D illusion museum, the Museum of Illusions. This museum is designed to be enjoyed with a camera so visitors can enjoy vivid and unusual artworks. If you’re a science fiction fan or a fan of rock climbing, there’s something that you’ll enjoy here. In addition to the experience, you’ll be able to amaze your friends with the fantastic pictures you took there.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is another excellent choice for anyone who’s interested in exploring the past. There’s a new dinosaur exhibit that shows the growth progression of a T-Rex. For those who are interested in seeing how scientists work to recreate the skeletons, there’s the Dino Lab that lets you look at the procedures used. If dinosaurs aren’t your thing, there’s the Natural Gardens and the Gem and Mineral Hall to explore.

Wells Fargo Museum

Anyone who’s interested in the history of the west will enjoy this museum. This museum explores the development of Wells Fargo bank and the history of the west. There’s a stagecoach to see and a replica to sit in, along with the most significant nugget of gold found in Southern California. It’s possible to experience typing via telegraph between other Wells Fargo museums and to see historical maps of Los Angeles.

Battleship USS Iowa BB-61

Military history fans will love this museum, Battleship USS Iowa, the only West Coast battleship open to the public. You get to explore the life of a sailor on a battleship by walking the wooden decks, seeing the gun and missile decks, the mess hall, and the captain’s quarters. View the video content to get a glimpse into currently restricted areas such as the turrets.

There’s something for everyone in LA: beaches, museums and tourist sites. For anyone interested in new museums, visit the Museum of Illusions today.