While LA is a great, diverse city with plenty to do, it can be hard to find places to take friends and family members who come to visit you. As an LA resident, you might be tired of taking visitors to Los Angeles tourist attractions, museums and celebrity home tours over and over again. If you can’t bear the idea of placing your hands in the prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater one more time, it may be time to consider something new.

The Museum of Illusions is a great option for families that include people of all ages. Unlike museums, galleries and cultural centers that only appeal to one demographic, there is something to interest anyone contained within this one location. Within these walls, there are countless opportunities to take jaw-dropping photos unlike the ones taken on previous vacations.

Everyone from Grandma to the young kids in your party can get a good laugh out of the photo setups, and share them on social media. They will get more attention from a photo of them on board the Titanic than the same old photos of locations everyone has seen many times before.

The Museum of Illusion makes a great spot to visit as it is conveniently located on Hollywood Boulevard and easy to find. Once inside, you can opt for the VIP package so you don’t have to worry about taking your own photos. A staff photographer will handle all aspects of taking the photos for you. If you have a large group or children coming with you, you already know how hard it can be to get everyone into frame and in the right position to be seen.

The photographers at the Museum of Illusion are experienced working with people of all ages and getting the best possible shot. The photos are emailed directly to you for easy sharing and printing. Professional photos in front of amazing works of art are a great keepsake of times spent with your loved ones that you can keep for years.

Be among the first to visit the Museum of Illusion, see the one of a kind artwork and get unique photos to keep.